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HER Vision

At Studio HER we stand for talented women 

and those who embrace the female energy in film, video and photography and beyond.


We welcome differences and celebrate everyone’s unique qualities.

While we believe that feminine and masculine energy can reinforce each other,

We strive for equal rights, equal pay, responsibilities and opportunities,

for all to be able to realise their dreams and their full potential.

By recognising all these factors with an open mind and inquiring attitude,

we can engage in dialogue so that we can work together

and create more balance in front of- and behind the scenes.

We create a safe space, 

from which we inspire and are able to uplift each other to a higher level.

Working towards a truly inclusive and accountable future in which equality is the norm.

We are open for ALL collaborations.

We believe that we can only make a difference together.

And most importantly: We make great content by great people.

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